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Bio Plastic Packaging

Changing very bad into good food and beverage packaging!


Bio plastics are a type of biodegradable plastic derived from biological substances (natural) rather than petroleum.

Most plastics (98%+) are currently made from petroleum and chemical substances that are still around as residue for 1000s of years.

FBI make packaging that is made from natural materials and resins that can be assimilated back into the soil as a resource and not as a burden.

Plant based film.

Plant based bottles.

Plant based coffee cups.

Plant based cutlery.

Plant based meat, vegetables and chicken trays.

Plant based promotional items.

Retail packaging for anything on the supermarket or retail shelves.

Bio foam food service packaging.

and much more.

Make your packaging bio-friendly

Our environmentally-friendly bio plastic packaging looks the same as existing petrochemical products

Give us your brief and we can educate you and your organisation or government department on what is possible now.

Samples delivered quickly with the final packaging very competitively priced. In fact try and beat our pricing?

All our packaging looks the same as existing petrochemical products; in fact so good and completely natural you could eat our packaging!

Our zero waste approach is a necessity and an imperative that will become more pressing as our usage on natural resources increases and output of toxic and destructive leftovers increases.

I want to revolutionise my packaging now.

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