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Sustainable Food and Drink

Organic, Fairtrade, Free From, Local and more..

Increasingly the market is seeking food and drink that is:

  • good for our health
  • good for the planet
  • produced naturally

So how should your business respond to these challenges?

Board room of the corporates are discussing how to access these product capabilities and/or develop their own brands.

Consumers want clean label and organics now and this will only increase in volume and dollar value.

So if you are a corporate or a small player we can develop the plan to develop your capabilities and solidify your market quickly.





Free From


Locally Sourced


Responding to the Challenge

Looking for the natural solution

Should you extend the lines and offer to convert some or all into organic, go Fairtrade, explore Free From or start sourcing locally?

Could you be part of the Slow Food movement or is raw food the way forward for you? Is being all-natural enough for your business?

FBI Consulting works with manufacturers, brand-holders and retailers to help them answer these questions and develop and market products that meet contemporary concerns.

Through the customers you can get a feel for where the sustainable food sector has come from, where it is now and where it is going. We have the experience to deliver NPD and customers.

I want to make the best choice in the organics market.

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Maximise your business’ benefit from the trend to seeking food and drink that is healthy, natural and environmentally good.